My Mission is to Help You Make More Money

Your business needs more revenue—not marketing you can’t measure

I work with B2B businesses to increase the number of leads and paying customers and clients they get each month.

You are in business to make money. Likes and follows from cute social media posts won’t pay the bills. You need marketing where you can see the results.

I use content marketing and direct marketing techniques to help your business attract your ideal clients. I use tactics and strategies that you can measure. You will know if your message is resonating with your audience or if you need a different approach because you will have the numbers.

I have more than nine years of experience as a full-time copywriter and content writer. I create long-form blog posts, web copy, email copy, video scripts, and ebooks and lead magnets.

How I Work

I start out every new client relationship in the same way.

I listen.

Before I can help you create killer content and sales copy, I need to understand you, your business, and who your ideal clients are. Once I know who you want to work with, what your ideal client’s biggest pain points are, and how you solve those pain points I am ready to get to work. 

I work with B2B companies that are passionate about helping their clients through the power of technology and exceptional customer service. I work with businesses that are focused on creating a better future.

Power of Story

Before becoming a full-time writer, I was an attorney. I eventually escaped the rat race of the law practice and built a career as a freelance copywriter. I’m a total geek. 

I help companies by making complex processes easy to understand and by translating tech-speak into easy-to-understand concepts. I believe in the power of story to create lasting change. I became converted to the persuasive power of story when I was still working as a lawyer.

What judges and juries cared about, what persuaded them to side with my client, wasn’t my eloquence. It wasn’t my ability to find technicalities and obscure points of law.

The one thing that made the biggest difference to judges and juries was my client’s story. 

The facts and the law mattered, but they mattered more when packaged in a compelling story. Instead of lecturing on similar cases and citations to code sections, I shared the story of the hard-working single mother who deserved to win or the immigrant business owner who barely finished high school but had worked to create a million-dollar business and sent his sons to college.

Your customers and clients need to see themselves in the stories you tell.

We are hard-wired to love stories.

I write stories that draw people in and never let go. I write stories that motivate people to take action.

If you want to use the power of story in your web copy, blog posts, video scripts, or email marketing, I want to work with you.

If you want content and sales copy that connects with people logically and emotionally, contact me today. 

You can send me a message through my website or you can send me an email at jason@clientmagnetmarketing.com

You work too hard to not be successful and happy. Let me help you bring in the right clients to your business.