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You’re so much more than just a data or software company. Your products and services save lives! You help make healthcare more affordable and more effective. You deserve copy and content that shows your future partners that you understand them, and that you are here to help.



You’re disrupting the way finance and banking have worked for hundreds of years! Don’t settle for boring copy and content. Let me help you build your business by attracting the right kind of attention and converting browsers into lifelong clients. You need copy and content that match your bold vision.

Legal Tech

Legal Tech

Lawyers are skeptical. But, that doesn’t mean your lawyer-focused copy and content should be boring. Your products and services make businesses and law firms more effective and profitable! Let me create copy and content that’s compelling, detailed, and speaks the language of your target market.


You’re Company is Changing the World-Your Copy & Content Should Communicate That to Your Clients

Technology companies by definition are forward-thinking. The problem is, your customers and clients may still be stuck in the last century. You need copy that’s both exciting and educational.  

I speak geek, and I can translate your innovative technologies into plain English for your target market. B2B technology copy and content needs to appeal to both the emotional and logical sides of the people who are buying from you.Your end-clients may be businesses, but you have to persuade the people in charge of making purchasing decisions to trust you. 

I Work with FinTech, HealthIT, Legal Tech, and Professional Service Companies int the Tech Space to Create:

  • Compelling website copy
  • Helpful and provocative blog posts
  • Explainer video scripts that showcase your results
  • Lead magnets & white papers that attract your ideal clients
  • Emails that inform and sell
  • Books & ebooks that establish you as a thought leader

Here are what some of my clients have to say about working with me:

Jason was a superstar. With very little guidance he somehow managed to deliver exactly what we wanted!So easy to work with-highly recommend!
Michael A.
App Development Firm CEO
Amazing work, it was link you rented out my headspace for a bit and delivered ever so eloquently what is in there.
Geoff A.
Social Media Executive
J.C. McBride is one of the best content writers I have ever met! I have hired him for three projects and consider him part of my team at work. Super talented!
Ed W.
Technology Company VP
J.C. was chosen because he is a PRO. I couldn’t risk this task with someone less proven. I fed him lots of detailed information to support writing my entire website. He sifted through that and delivered a comprehensive, easy-to-read product, 11,000 words of satisfaction!

Richard S.
Digital Marketing Agency CEO

I Work Differently

Before I get started with any project, I need to understand who your ideal clients and customers are. I ask every client the same five questions:

  1. Who is your ideal client or customer?
  2. What are their biggest headaches or pain points?
  3. How do you solve those problems?
  4. What is the cost to your customers of doing nothing?
  5. Why should businesses trust you?

Once I understand your clients, I work to understand your business and your products and services.I need to see how you fit into the stories your clients are already telling themselves.

The biggest mistake technology companies make is creating content and copy that is focused on them and not on the needs of their clients.

You need to make a business case and emotional case to your clients. They care much more about what your products and services will deliver than they do about how you will deliver it.

I make sure that your client is at the heart of everything I write for your business.

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