• Content Marketing That Attracts Your Ideal Prospects & Converts Them Into Happy Clients
  • Content That Shows You Understand Your Prospect's Biggest Pain Points & That You Can Solve Their Problems
  • Content That Appeals Logically & Emotionally to Your Prospects and Motivates Them to Take Immediate Action
Copywriting and Content Writing for Consultants

Copywriting and Content Writing for Consultants

B2B marketing requires content that educates and motivates prospects to take the next step. I create content that makes the shows your prospects you understand their biggest pain points and that you will make their business better.

Copywriting and Content Writing for Coaches

Copywriting and Content Writing for Coaches

Coaches need content that not only establishes you as an authority, but that also converts your ideal prospects into happy, paying clients. You need to show them you can make their life and their business better before they are willing to hire you.

Copywriting and Content Writing for Law Firms

Copywriting and Content Writing for Law Firms

You need content that is accurate, ethical, and interesting. You need to demonstrate your expertise. Your content should make complex processes and concepts easier to understand and be jargon free. It should also motivate people to hire you right away.

Want Compelling, Professional Content That Gets Results?

Imagine waking up each day to an inbox full of messages from people and businesses wanting to be your clients. They are excited about working with you and paying you the fees you deserve.

This doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

They key is creating killer content that educates and motivates your ideal prospects. You need to show your prospects that you speak their language, that you understand their biggest pain points, and most importantly, you can help them, solve their problems.

Right Now your Perfect Clients Are Searching For You. Can They Find You?

Killer content is like a trail of breadcrumbs. It helps your lost prospects find you—the solution to their biggest problems.

You need a funnel that carefully guides your prospects from being strangers to being happy, paying clients. The key is using a variety of content so that they can find you organically in search and through paid advertising. Some of the most effective types of content include:

  • Your Website
  • Blog Posts
  • Explainer Videos
  • Lead Magnets
  • Email Marketing
  • Books & Ebooks

I have helped businesses just like yours create compelling content that boosted their revenues and helped them attract a steady flow of ideal clients. I write content that helps explain complex concepts in simple, jargon-free terms. I help you demonstrate your expertise in a way that is interesting and that motivates prospects to take immediate action.

Here is what some of my clients have to say about working with me:

Amazing work, it was link you rented out my headspace for a bit and delivered ever so eloquently what is in there.
Geoff A.
Social Media Executive
J.C. McBride is one of the best content writers I have ever met! I have hired him for three projects and consider him part of my team at work. Super talented!
Ed W.
Technology Company VP
J.C. was chosen because he is a PRO. I couldn't risk this task with someone less proven. I fed him lots of detailed information to support writing my entire website. He sifted through that and delivered a comprehensive, easy-to-read product, 11,000 words of satisfaction!
Richard S.
Digital Marketing Agency CEO

I Write Compelling Content So You Can Do What You Do Best

You didn’t open your business so you could spend all of your time marketing, writing blog posts, and sending emails. Your time is incredibly valuable, and you are at your best when you are working with clients.

I can help you have more time for the work you love by creating killer content that will land you more clients and free up more of your time to work with those clients.

I am passionate about helping businesses like yours connect with the clients that are perfect for them. When your content marketing messaging is on point, you will enjoy your work more, you will have happier clients, and you will have more clients to work with.

Here are some of the businesses I have worked with: